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Funny - Flaky network == no fun (1 Viewer)

Jun 4, 2021
A week or so ago I started seeing some issues while playing eq. I would see periodic short drops in connectivity. Sometimes it didn't amount to anything but as time went on they grew longer and led to a few group wipes. At first I looked to my provider (comcast) but they were reporting no outages in my area. I was still suspicious because I've seen them have network issues that didn't take out my cable modem but data was just disappearing into the ether. After a few days of beating my head into the wall, door, etc. I started looking at my own home network. I thought maybe a neighbor had installed some new wifi gear that was stepping on my own wifi stuff. So out comes the scanner tools and nothing. There was nothing using any of the same channels/ranges I was with enough power to really be the culprit. But since it was intermittent I had to be patient(not my strong suit). In the end I figured out that the satellite access point I was connected to in my office and the one in my bedroom (opposite ends of the house) were intermittently having issues staying connected to my router. The satellites connect via a separate wifi backhaul to the router with this particular brand/model. In the end I had to remove them as satellites, factory reset them and reconnect them to fix the issue. This brand's troubleshooting tools/logs aren't that great so getting a root cause wasn't happening.

Moral of the story? EQ is not fun when you're getting randomly disconnected and wiping your group.

Here's the bright side: A local internet provider is offering 10G(yes 10G, it's not a typo) fiber to your home for $39/month in the near future. Of course I pre-ordered it! I am going to upgrade the router and mesh wifi as soon as I get word they are ready to do the installs on my street.

Sep 12, 2021
Great job troubleshooting to figure out the solution! Even better now that you have good internet on the way! I've had some strange lag lately and seen in /general that others are too... Chat channels are slow to update. Not sure what's happening.
Jul 26, 2016
OMG I remember visiting my brother in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho about 14 years ago. He had this 100 acre ranch in the woods, on the lake and had satellite.... now THAT was not fun lol! Nothing better than having your raid tank targeted with autofire on, trying to turn it off before we engaged and it not responding...

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