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Funny - Fix to: Your puller decides he no longer wants to pull anything around you in Zone, instead wants to wait 5 more seconds. (Kissassist) (1 Viewer)

Dec 6, 2020
So you, have changed your MaxRadius from 100 to 5000 and still your Paladin/Bard/Ranger are just being lazy and making you have to do manual work, that for all intents and purposes you'd be better doing on your own anyhow...

Well now there is a solution!

After being in that Zone previously, it may just be that you used the /addpull on a single mob you wanted to pull for that zone, overriding the 25 mobs that you could possibly pull in that zone.

In my instance some how my Paladin managed to /addpull while casting and gave himself a pull only of Blessed Aura... Don't ask... no clue...

Anyhow the Fix:

Find your:

Inside the file , find the zone you are currently in.

After you have found the Zone you are currently in, you will now find whatever it is you put in as your pull only.

Delete this section.

Problem solved, have a good day.

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