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Fabulous - Firiona Vie Collections Giveaway (13 Sets in total)

Jul 1, 2015
Official EQ forums post if you don't want to reveal your name here because you're still worried about that whole MQ2 stigma thing then post there or message me there instead.

Ok, so I am finally announcing my giveaway for this year! As I have done a few years in the past, I will be hosting a giveaway with multiple collection sets to give away on the Firiona Vie server only.

At the current time I have 13 different collection sets to give away; they are..

Royal Weaponry (CoTF)
Remnants of Flame (CoTF)
Deadman's Dinner (TBM)
Fallen Footwear (TBM)
Rotting Remnants (TBM)
Raiments of Rot (TBM)
Frontier Festivities (EoK)
Tribal Currency (RoS)
Echoes of the dead (RoS)
Sebilisian Medallions (RoS)
Crypt Dust (RoS)
Tomb Tokens (RoS)
Wulthan Ceremonies (RoS)

Some of these collection sets I only have a limited supply of - which means you may not get all 13 if you put your name into the giveaway late. Frontier Festivities is a good example of one I only have 10 left for. The majority of the other ones, like the Ring of Scale collections, I have about 80 of each - so I doubt I will run out.

I'll sent out parcels once every night or once every other night - it's a lot of tedious work doing this (over 100 parcels per person!!!) so please be patient with me. Additionally, keep in mind that your parcel caps at 50. If you log out while you're over the 50 cap then everything past that number will be deleted! This is extremely important because you will need to collect my parcels before you log out or the majority of them will be deleted.

All you have to do to enter into the giveaway is post the character name you want me to parcel the items to or send me a private message with your character's name. Doesn't matter, either works. I'll probably be running this give away for the next week or two at which point I will stop doing the parcels and the giveaway will be over. If you'd like to support this giveaway and future ones like it, do me a favor and head over to my Everquest Section and check out all of the new guides I have been adding for the game. If you haven't been to my website in awhile you may be surprised with what you see. In addition to my EQ guides I got some other nifty new guides like my Retro ones, examples include Final Fantasy 1, Crono Trigger and Final Fantasy V.