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Question - Finding highlighted entries. (1 Viewer)

Apr 21, 2019
Silly question but im attempting to edit my macro's as my toons level with their new spells. is there a way to show me via highlighting where a certain item is at?

Example if I highlight in my spell section. "Furial Renewal" is there a way I can get it highlighted wherever it may show up in my macro or do I need to read line by line??

looking for shortcuts since it takes a bit to update 6 macros lol.
Aug 13, 2018
control-f and search for the string you're looking for, it should take you to the occurrence, then repeat to find the next occurrence. Works in most text editors

if you're looking at replacing all instances with something different, then you can usually use a search-and-replace for the whole file. That can vary by editor, but is usually control-H. Works the same way as control-F to find though.

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