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Question - Few more newbie questions


New member
Aug 29, 2019
So got it all installed and testing out today. It so far has been fun. I do have a few more questions that hopefully someone can answer.

1) Does there exist some method to accept quests, loot, confirm messages etc short of going through all 6 boxes and manually clicking?
2) so I got my toons all to assist me and that worked fine if I wanted to be main tank but my goal was to play one of my other chars and not focus so much on tanking. I tried setting kiss assist to main assist off my warrior but he just stands there looking confused when something comes up to attack the group. Is there something I am missing?
3) Is it normal after you do a /end and afk for a few that when re-enabling kissassist it is finnicky about starting back up? Sometimes I can get it to fire off and others I have to go through a loop of /end and then on one box start the macro then I can /bcaa.
Mar 9, 2017
1 - mq2yes plugin can do a lot of that. See the Yes section of friedfryz's tips For loot, you can use mq2autoloot to handle that for all toons. Beyond accepting loot, you can use it to distribute loot too, such as give 10 of this quest item to each toon or give this no-drop armor to only warriors.

2 - If you want the warrior to auto tank, change their KA role to Tank in the ini file. Or start them with the role modifier "/mac kissassist Tank" or Pullertank or whatever you want to change them too.

3 - Not normally finicky about starting a macro, but you do sometimes have to issue the "/end" command more than once. I usually broadcast it twice "/bcaa //end" Sometimes it is much easier to use a pause hotkey instead of restarting. "/bcaa //mqp on" or "/bcaa //mqp off" plus you can add a /camphere on or off toggle if you're moving the group and want to reset the camp location. You can see advanced pause hotkey options in friedfryz, or Sicpro hotkey guides.