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Question - EverQuest Expansion Pre-order question (1 Viewer)

Feb 28, 2022
Had a quick question about Pre-ordering expansions

If you pre-order do you get all the previous expansions at the time of purchase or do those only become playable once the expansion launches?

like on a FTP (LVL 115, ToV) account. If I pre-order the expansion in a couple weeks, will I be 28/28 and be able to work on level 120, or will all that only happen in December when the expansion launches?

I'm debating spending 27$ now for the sale of ToL or 35$ in a couple weeks for NoT. moneywise it makes more sense to wait, but I really want to get the account to 120 fast.
you do get all of them.

so if you waited for pre-order for next expansion, you would get up to and including ToL right away

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