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Question - EQBC - only 2 out of my group hails (1 Viewer)

Oct 27, 2018
So, for some reason, if I tell everyone to hail, my hotkey looks like this:

/bcaa //assist (sk name)
/bcaa //keypress h

Only the SK and the cleric hail. No one else does. Ive checked: everyone follows the other commands - for example everyone targets my SK's target in that former command but they dont hail. All the other hotkeys also work like /afollow etc. I can confirm that if I hit "h" on the other toons they all hail like they are supposed to do if I do it manually, so what gives ??
Jul 22, 2018
you don't need to /keypress h when /hail is a legit eq command. Try /bcaa //hail

You could also try adding a small delay so as to give each character time to change targets and account for server-client latency.

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