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Guide - EQBC - Dual Box a druid without using macros GUIDE

Mar 4, 2014
How to easily Dual Box a Druid without macros using EQBC
(Template works for any healer bot

I made this guide to quickly set up a druid box by quickly copying and pasting some commands into socials on your hotbar. This guide can easily be used as a sample template for any healing class and in combination with the links I have at the end can be used to box any class!

These are all samples of what I use with my druid and can easily be replaced with your bot by
switching out druidname with your characters name and changing the //cast to the number that corresponds to your spell bar (i.e. if you want to cast the third spell on your hotbar then change //cast 1 to //cast 3.

First thing you need to do is run the EQBC server on your computer. This is just a program you will have to run when you start EQ. I usually just start it right after I start MQ2.

Good news! The software is already on your computer in your MQ2 directory. The file is called EQBCS.exe, I made a shortcut on my desktop so I wouldn’t have to find it every time by right-clicking on the EQBCS.exe file and Send to - Desktop. Just double click the shortcut on your desktop and it stay running until you reboot or shut it down.

Next while logged into your character on EQ with MQ2 running
/plugin mq2eqbc
Once that loads the plugin
/bccmd connect
/bccmd set autoconnect on
/bccmd reconnect on

**Do this for all toons you want to use with EQBC

You only have to do this once for each character and it will automatically join every time you login.

Alrighty now the fun part. Log in all of your characters. On your main toon, copy in each of these socials and add them to your hotbar. Replace druidname with your druid’s name and the //cast number with your spell gem number.

Socials (Hotbuttons)

/bct druidname //sit

/bct druidname //stand

Heal Me
/bct druidname //stand
/bct druidname //target id ${Me.ID}
/bct druidname //cast 1

Heal Target
/bct druidname //stand
/bct druidname //target id ${Target.ID}
/bct druidname //cast 1

/bct druidname //target id ${Target.ID}
/bct druidname //stand
/bct druidname //cast 5

/bct druidname //target id ${Target.ID}
/bct druidname //stand
/bct druidname //cast 3

/bct druidname //target id ${Me.ID}
/bct druidname //stand
/bct druidname //follow

Skin like Nature
/bct druidname //target id ${Target.ID}
/bct druidname //stand
/bct druidname //cast 2

Shield of Thorns
/bct druidname //target id ${Target.ID}
/bct druidname //stand
/bct druidname //cast 4

/bct druidname //stand
/bct druidname //cast 8

This is just a template so feel free to modify any of this and make your own personal socials!

KEY (for making your own)

Tell your bot a command
/bct ToonName //command
Example - /bct Thornydrood //sit
(tells Thornydrood to sit down)

To have your bot target what your main toon is targeting
target id $[Target.ID}
Example - /bct Thornydrood //target id ${Target.ID}
(tells Thornydrood to make his target my target)

To have your bot target you
target id ${Me.ID}
Example - /bct Thornydrood //target id ${Me.ID}
(tells Thornydrood to target me)

Here are the two guides I used to make my own guide. For any advanced information or questions please check these resources out! Thanks to Nyghteyes from Redguides and Mar Syn from MQEmulator.net.

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