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Problem - EQ/MQ2 times messed up?


New member
Jan 6, 2020
not sure where to post this...

when i try and open MQ2 i get an error message stating that either mq2 or eqgame is out of date

the text reads as follows

MQ2 expected eqgame date and time to be:
jan 10 2020 19:40:57
but eqgame's date and time is:
feb 4 2020 09:38:07
do you need to patch them?
loading of mq2 can not be completed

ive made sure both EQ and MQ2 are up-to-date, my computer time is the correct time and date for where i live (2/5/2020 - 3:40pm at this time), i restarted everything, restarted my PC etc. i am able to open EQ normally and play normally but MQ2 just wont open and i dont know how to change the time on either

any help is much appreciated... thanks!
Jul 22, 2018
This is what it does when the version of MQ2 does not match the version of EQ for which it was compiled. You need to update MQ2, simple as that. This will happen every time DGC patches EQ because they break the compatibility with MQ2.
Jun 16, 2019
Our Imperator Mulicas Maximus usually gets everything patched up between 6-9p e.
At least that’s the standard time for live. If something drastic has changed within the game, then it will take longer
May 8, 2019