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Question - EQ Log files (1 Viewer)

Dec 3, 2019
Ok so I have have a situation with log files. When I try to log into my EQ Parser to monitor a file there are no log files in the EQ dir. Same thing with GINA it says log file can not be found. I go to the EQ log folder and the only thing in there is dbg, MemoryStrategy, and Sky. I have deleted the log file and log on a couple of toons without using MQ2 and there still is no log files to be seen. I am assuming this is an EQ problem but I thought I would start here. This has been going on for about 3 months now or some time in that time frame


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Jul 22, 2018
/log on and /log off to start and stop writing to the log file. Log files will continue to grow indefinitely until you delete them, so periodically go in and clear them out when you don't need them. If you let them get too big (multiple gigabytes) they will lag your client.

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