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Problem - EQ closing immediatly at Launch w/ solution (1 Viewer)

Jan 23, 2020
I've been having a problem where everquest couldn't launch the game from launchpad, not from the MQ2 Profile, but I could launch from the ISboxer. Eventually ISboxer failed to launch the game.

After launching the Game would display the black window for a second, then close out, end of story.

Originally, I thought it was the extra programs causing the odd launch behavior, but after a while searching, I found someone with a solution that worked for me, and it was a windows 10 directx problem.

If your eqgame is inexplicably closing at launch with no error message, try downloading and installing the Microst DirectX june 2010 download from the microsoft website.

1) Click the link to Download the file.
2)Run the downloaded file.
3)The downloaded file will prompt you for a extraction location.
4)Extract the files to any folder of your choice, you can delete it after you finish the installation.
5)Find the application file named DXSETUP, and run it.
6) I needed to restart my PC before I could run a second game window. All 6 are open now.

Hopefully, posting this problem here will save somone a few hours of searching.
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