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Question - EQ and RG Settings Question (1 Viewer)

Jun 16, 2019
Ok ok...

So, I’m running eq and RG on a Mac via bootcamp with windows 10. It seems like I have a problem once a year where some file gets corrupted and my only solution is to reinstall windows.

This time, the computer let me keep all my files, but deleted all of my apps. It appears that the RG launcher icon has disappeared, and whenever I try to run it, it tells me that it can’t be found. At the same time, it appears that everything in the release folder is still there.

Same thing for EQ. I can run the patcher, but it tells me the game is no longer there. I re-downloaded eq and all my settings are gone.

Fortunately, I backed up everything about 3 months ago. So, now I’m trying to figure out how to get EQ and RG/MQ2 back to “normal”. Does anyone have any experience with this or know where I should start?

thanks everyone!


Jun 28, 2014
The BootCamp thing happens on major windows updates for some reason. It doesn't happen to everyone but I always felt like it was something around 1 in 3 for major updates for me. Reinstalling seems to fix it just fine, but it is definitely annoying.

As for getting everything back to normal, EverQuest doesn't actually need to be installed. It will run from wherever the files are, but installing will make sure you have all the DirectX prereqs and all that. So keep a copy of your old EQ directory, reinstall EQ and then copy your old directory over the top of the new one and you'll be good to go with all your settings. Don't even need to patch after the first install.

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