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Question - Enchanter Charm Questions (1 Viewer)

Jun 6, 2022
Good Afternoon Everyone;

I've been maining a chanter for years, however, I've not spent as much time charm tanking as I'd have liked. I tend to find that I spend more time trying to figure out what spells to block on it than I do actually getting to the fun stuff.

I was wondering if anyone has any helpful information on this, or maybe a nicely written up guide that would help.

I play live with a 35kAA 120 chanter atm (yeah! I know, low AA's, but I took a few years off)

Thanks in advance.



Its in that place where I put that thing that time
Jun 20, 2017
charm tanking is pretty simple - charm one and sick him on a mob
when that mob gets low break the charm and mezz -- pick another mob to charm --
you can actually kill pretty fast

here is a link to watch -its an older video but pretty much explains it

i use to solo my enchanter this way when i only had two accounts

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