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Discussion - Dual Alliances (1 Viewer)

Jan 31, 2019
Just saw a group of 5 Mages in Sebilis before test went down. It peaked some interest. Something nutty about almost a full group of the same class.

I had a group of 6 monks on emu at one point and that was a fun one. Stupid, but fun.

Thinking of adding some casters to my one of my mains down the road. Would x3 mages/ x3 necros be a good team to run with? Or maybe 2 groups each with mercs, such as x3 mages/x3 mercs, etc.

Maybe bard, 3 necros or x3 mages and 2 mercs (tank and heal)?

I'm on test. Not right now, because it's down...and waiting for next update 😆


I <3 SKs *kissy face*
Jun 16, 2019
Could run the classic sextuple warrior group. Give each WAR an Aug that heals target of target No need for CC as you would have 6 tanks!
Dec 21, 2020
heh. when i came back to EQ i actually levelled up a group of 4 mages. was fun. like. fun. i made macros in-game and was able to keep up. ( this was before i knew about redguides ) Game is all about having fun. sometimes we enjoy a new flavor. I say build and be happy!

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