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Question - Druid v Wiz (1 Viewer)

Sep 12, 2021
Hi all,

Getting ready to set up a new crew and this time around I wanted to have mostly ranged classes the sort of camouflage a bit better that I'm running all 6 toons.

Going to be War/Nec/Ench/Clr/Mag/?

Cant decide if I want either a wiz or a druid.

I'm currently progressed through all of ToV with my current team but going forward think I'm going to try a ranged team for a while.

Is a wiz that much more dps than a druid?
Do you think the support from the druid is worth more than a wiz?
Can a druid in a group setting possibly out dps a wiz?

I'll be focusing on ToV + content

I've tried asking in game and haven't really got anything helpful unfortunately.

Thanks guys for any input.
Feb 15, 2022
DRU will give you secondary heals and decent dmg, but it's more of a hybrid class vs a pure DPS class. I know you are thinking of all ranged classes, but I have to tell you, throwing in a BST over the other two is a super solid group! I have similar group - SHD,CLR,ENC,BST.MAG,NEC. LOVE IT!
Sep 26, 2021
I actually run both in my main group and the WIZ does quite a bit more damage in normal content. DRU is also a mana hog compared to the WIZ. I will admit that i uae the DRU as backup heal/cure on missions and named aince my only other healer is a SHM. His dps may be better if i focused on damage more, which i would with your team having a cleric. So it really depends on how you plan to play. For everyday content, I would go with a WIZ or even a BST as suggested.

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