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Discussion - Druid or Monk Teams (1 Viewer)

Apr 3, 2019
I was curious what is a good Druid or Monk Team?

I wanted to have all classes setup, but I have not found a group for Druid. And most people do not talk about Monks, so I am not sure where they fit in well.
Mar 21, 2020
Druid was my first character and still my "Main" I would say. When I came back, my Druid was my highest character at level 65. I found characters on my other accounts and created 2 new accounts once I got MQ2 running. Now I"m running War/Cler/Ench/Druid/Sham/Berz. Druid does ok DPS for my taste and is my Taxi. I also like the little extra the Druid Skins give to casters for mana regen. He also does my snares when needed and evac when I inevitably pull more than I can chew. I know a lot of people don't really care for Druid, but I've always liked them for their versatility. They are great for PLing lowbies too.
Mar 9, 2017
Druids add a lot to a caster group's DPS. You get stacking mana regen, nuke aura, crit bonus from wolf form, cold/fire debuffs, and a big 25% bonus to nukes on named. Druid's are hard to run as an automated main healer though. They don't have the same spamable fast heals that sham/cleric get. If you run them as a back up healer and nuker, they are good though.

Monks are very good DPS, but they do run out of endurance pretty easy compared to melee like Zerk that barely sips their endurance pool. They are a little easier to automate than like a Rogue, that requires more conditions for chaining their burn cycle correctly.

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