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Question - DPS Utility (1 Viewer)

Sep 25, 2017
So far I am 3 boxing SK/SHM/BRD. Looking to add a dps, however not really going for absolute highest dps, but which one has the most utility to add to my group. Leaning towards melee due to shaman/bard, but not opposed to a caster. My thoughts so far are:
Mage, for COTH, backup tank, DS, pet toys.
Rogue, corpse runs.
Monk I can't really think of anything. Puller is already covered by bard.
Berserker. Same as monk, can't think of utility
Beastlord. Backup tank, Paragon, FPoS, buffs. small overlap with shaman buffs.
Ranger. HS, buffs.
Wizard. Ports, evac.
Necromancer, backup tank, seems like most utility is covered by SK.
Any thoughts or inputs?
Dec 24, 2020
Zerk++ (I cant stand them but they are great dps)
NEC- are good solo but I don't like them in a group at 120, trash doesn't live long enough for kiss assist to even respond most of the time.

I ran SK/SHM/BRD/BST/ROG/NEC, was able to clear everything no problem. NEC was the weak point but the battle rez is nice. Have everything else at 120, zerk would be the high dps option.

I find mages/wiz do more dps with enc/dru than brd/shaman, so id go melee. Rog/Bst/Zerk are all great options all 3 would round out your group but if I had to pick one it would probably be rog since i hate zerks.
Nov 21, 2020
I use my rgr for pulling after I reremembered the existence of harmonious arrow. If the mobsre too high I just go back to pulling with SK though. Even in regular grouping I never liked pullers unless it was a tough split. As the tank I want to be in control of timing and speed of pulls, and I don't let mq move my toons more than a few feet for battle, all major movement is manual, so bard pulling isnt really optimal for me.

That said, you talk about utility, which is why I always go hybrid, but I hate not having spells so I'm ditching my rogues for more hybrids, they'll still be around if needed but I managed corpseruns just fine before I made them. Taking a different route and experimenting with a hybrid class's alliance that I already have, but adding more instead of trying to fit enough rogues or zerkers in with the 4 toons I won't swap out, let y'all know how the experiment turns out.
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