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Doin a rebuild... any advice? (1 Viewer)


New member
Jun 28, 2006
I'm copying this from another forum... but it should all make sense.

Advice and tips appreciated.

I narrowed things down a lot after reading up a ton yesterday. Here's what I'm looking at now:

I have a 500W power supply. I should probably get a new one. I have enough hard drive space, but they're so cheap, and I've been hearing big things about the new 320gig platter WD hard drives as far as their read times... so I'm thinking I'll get a 640 gig HD so I can start fresh. I might get 2 of them and go RAID0. Not sure on that though. Or I could get a Raptor instead. I'm going for 4 gigs of RAM, although I could go to 8 pretty easily too, especially if I don't get any hard drives, since I don't actually need them. Or I could get a 2nd vid card and go 4 gigs and no new hard drives for a similar price. I'm going to get Vista Home Premium, because I don't have any legit OS's right now, and if I'm gonna buy a real one, I might as well make it Vista, even if it's somewhat shitty (although I heard SP1 has helped it a lot). I might sneak up to 8 gigs of RAM since it's so cheap too. I want an 8800GT vid card for sure. I've heard they have a different engine than the GTS/GTX models and it's superior.

I have a case, dvd burner, mouse, keyboard, monitor, all that already. Just need the key guts.

And I'd like to stay under a grand if I can help it.

What I'm looking at so far:

Mobo -- EVGA 750i SLI

Proc -- E8400 Wolfdale C2D (Newegg had some this morning but is sold out again already. CompUSA/Tigerdirect have some at $220)

RAM -- G.Skill 2x2GB

640 GB HD (this is a maybe, I want better read speed and this is better value than a Raptor)

Vid Card & PSU Combo -- BFG 8800GT 512 MB & 650W PSU.... GREAT deal imo

Vista Home Premium sys builders ed -- should have everything I need from ultimate, while being much cheaper

Total on that is around 950-975 with shipping/tax included.


Jan 11, 2006
Get rid of the G.SKILL in my opinion and I would use Kingston Value RAM. I've never been let down once, and few people have anything bad to say about it.

Kingston 4GB (2x2GB) PC2 6400 800Mhz

The board is fine, I used a 680i and everything went smooth minus the integrated audio. I used a Zalman9700 Heatsink/fan and even at the some of the riskier settings it still ran cool. It moves air.

Zalman 9700 Heatsink/110mm LED Fan

Windows XP Professional 64-bit (supports up to 16TB of Virtual Memory)

I went dual 320GB hard drives and I've not had a single problem. I ordered one WD and they sent me one, plus a Seagate 320GB for some reason. I never got charged for it, so I still use it in my computer for backup files/pr0n.

Anyways, I wish you luck, and I hoped I had helped a little.


What is a macro??
Mar 21, 2006
Curious if anyone has had a problem with any MMO's running XP64-Pro?

I am also upgrading soon and am skeptical of XP64-Pro since Mickey$oft is pouring money into vista now instead of XP.

Running in Circles

New member
Sep 8, 2005
I would find a diff mobo, one with a PCI-E 2.0 port...they are twice as fast, even if you are only using a PCI-E x16 card. I personally got the ASUS P5Q mobo and its been great so far.

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