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Question - do Primordial Noodles with Indigenous Primordial Meat Primordial Plasma Smoothie still exsist? (1 Viewer)


Nihil ᛗ
May 5, 2016
some folks still like the TBL ones because there is no lvl requirement and you can toss on a PL toon
Jul 9, 2015
The newer foods are a massive timesink to farm all the stuff to make them, once I started I realised how much time it would take and said fuck it and went back to TBL food and drink
Jul 10, 2018
In ToV, the stat food was a massive time sink like Vorpal Chicken said, limes and coarse salt were the hardest to find. The devs have kindly put both of them on vendors in CoV, buy them 1,000 at a time, pick over and buy some more. Oh how many hours I have now wasted running laps of the Accursed Nest for my stash.

MQ2GroundSpawns will pick up your acorns, MQ2FarmTest will slaughter grey mobs forever, and with MQ2FeedMe, it’s essentially a one time effort for a year’s worth of benefit.
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