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Question - Disabled use (1 Viewer)

Oct 27, 2022

So I’ve committed to this for myself and trying boxing and having fun, however my wife is disabled and can no longer play eq (it’s where we met)

My question is really, she has wanted to play again for so many years, would a cwtn plug-in in manual mode be suitable for solo play (just outside zones really) essentially a point and shoot type of activity which would leave my wife to enjoy the game again?

Jun 12, 2015
a cwtn plugin in sictank mode would be great for her, when you are in sic tank, you can run around and pull and do stuff, and then run back to your camp when you want it to take over for figthing, of if you really want you can resetcamp to the point you are at and it will start figthing.

Manual mode is also good, it will require you to pull and select targets to kill, where the other sictank mode will select the targets that is trying to kill you, so you do have a few options for things.

but i am certain if you ask on the discord you will get a number of opinions that i believe will all be positive for the use.

but it also depends on her ability to control the toons movement and such though.

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