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Question - Diabo Tatrua (1 Viewer)

Jun 2, 2022
I've been having an issue at this camp in Ka Vethan today. Four mobs are standing on each side of the room, and because they spawn fast, I have found no real way to split them (maybe lack of skill, but that is a different story). The point is that sometimes I end up with the 4 Gel`Temariel Centi, or 3 of them, and a Zun Shenshali. Sometimes I clear them with no issues, and I can immediately pull another group. Some other times they wipe my group.

I've been checking the logs, and I don't see anything different in the fights that I win vs. I lose. The only thing I found is that they fling my group around, so I have levi on, and that hasn't happened anymore.

Has anyone had this experience as well? If so, why does it happen?

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