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Question - DBG ban policy (1 Viewer)

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May 8, 2022
Hi community,

i started using mq2 about a week ago to help myself running my 2Box... now i am already 5boxing and currently leveling a shaman to replace my merc healer (and doing the shift to 6box).

I read a lot about more recent ban waves starting earlier this year and that DBG has better cheat detection on their 2022 roadmap.

Do they ban for mq2 detection on First offense or do they just suspend for 7/14 days, so i could quit using mq2 after the first suspension and continue boxing without tools?
I dont want to risk loosing my crew.
Unfortunately, MacroQuest of any flavor is against > DBG's Terms of Service <

DBG's stance on 3rd party apps > here < 3rd party apps include things like MacroQuest and MySEQ

They have a bad history of inequitable and inconsistent application of those policies.

we have a very large thread > here < about it - which is why i'm locking the thread.
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