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Guide - Damage Shield Power Leveling Guide: How to quickly level your alts from 1-75 (1 Viewer)


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Nov 14, 2015
Minimum requirements in order to DS pl:
1. 85+ tank - SK prefered, if you use a war that isn't 105 you will need to use a merc on harder pulls.
2. The ability to AoE with the lowbie that you want xp on. This can be achieved with: Oil of Fennin Ro (http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?item=2508), PLing a class with a PBAOE spell (Wiz, Bard, Mage, Dru all get before 15), or adding a bard or wizard to the group to AOE for your alt.

Things that will help speed up the process:
1. The higher level/aa and better geared your tank is the faster you will be able to PL your alts because you can handle larger pulls.
2. The more damage shield clickies/buffs you can stack the better. This is old but helps explain what stacks and gives ideas for clickies to farm if you wish - http://eqshadowknight.net/showthread.php?t=1517
3. With #2 in mind if you have any of the following classes higher level you may want to add them to your PL crew: Mage, Druid, Ranger, Bard
4. You might also want a cleric or shaman to tag along as well for heals/buffs for the tank and or lowbie.

How to Damage Shield Power Level:
1. Remove all damage shields from your tank
2. Remove your tank's weapon(s). Equip your best shield if it wasn't already on.
3. Summon the Tome of the Hero's Journey if you don't already have one and put it in your main hand. (AA window -> Special Tab -> Summon Tome of the Hero's Journey) THIS WILL PREVENT YOU FROM RIPOSTING! *Note you can use anything in your primary that has no damage stat instead I just suggested this because everyone has access to it from level 1*
4. Go pull as many mobs as you can handle/the zone has/until the zone would lag if you pull more WITHOUT damaging any of them. (Body pull if you must, and make sure not to out run your pull)
5. Bring the giant pull back to your lowbie and AOE aggro the mobs a few times, again... without damaging them. (Sk can use AOE aggro spells, war have AOE Taunt/Wade Into Battle, Pal can take damage and heal themselves)
6. AOE with the lowbie until you've hit all of the mobs.
7. Apply as many damage shields as you can on your tank.
8. Sit on your tank if you can survive the extra damage to make mobs die quicker.
9. Watch the xp fly in on your alt.
10. Repeat.

Okay... now that we have all that out of the way, onto the guide!

Step 1: Create your lowbie and take it to Crescent Reach. Once there give it a run speed buff and invis. If you have a 60+ Druid have them port you to The Steppes, if you have a 70+ Wizard have them port you the Icefall Glacier.

Step 2: Get your Lowbie to Icefall Glacier if not already there. Head to -2035 -1155 and pick up the Shattered Krithgor Keystone (http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?item=52370) located behind the wall behind the Druid Spell vendor.

Step 3: Drop invis and have a wolf kill your lowbie.

Step 4: Hand the Shattered Krithgor Keystone into Librarian Hemfar (located on the first floor in Crescent Reach) This should take you at least to level 12.

Step 5: Head out into the newbie field of CR and setup camp on the west side of the river.

Step 6: Pull all of the undead and kill them until you hit 20.

Step 7: Next head to the Undead Tower in Blightfire Moors. This is located in the NW corner of the zone and will last you until level 40. These mobs spawn pretty quick so if you can pull them all at once you should. I generally try to avoid the Witch because she sometimes will cast on the lowbie and kill it.

Step 8: Once you're done in Blightfire Moors you'll be going up North to Goru'kar Mesa. In Goru'kar pull Spiders, Satyr's, Wolves, Bears, and Giants until your lowbie hits 46.

Step 9: Plane of Innovation time! (Goru'kar -> Blightfire -> PoK -> PoTranquility -> PoInnovation for those without some form of gating the lowbie). Pull the zone in chunks of about 1/4 to 1/3 at a time usually the zone is empty so can pull right to zone line, any more and the mobs start to lag. This is the point where under lvl 100 tanks will probably stop being able to spam sit. Stay Here until lvl 55.

Step 10: Crypt of Decay (PoI -> PoTran -> Crypt of Decay)Same as PoInnovation, usually empty so safe to pull to zone in and you have to break pull into chunks or you'll lag the zone out. This zone is good until 60.

Step 11: Next you will go to either PoFire (Crypt of Decay -> PoTran -> PoFire) or Dragonscale Hills (CoD -> PoTran -> PoK -> Akanon Stone to Steamfont Mountains -> Dragonscale Hills) both zones are possible to take your lowbie up to 75.

Step 11(a) PoFire: If your tank is not very strong go to PoFire, you can pull the first courtyard and the memphit isle as 1 pull, then move up to c1, pull all of that, invis to c2, then pull c2, then pull the 2nd courtyard. Setup final camp in the hall before tables camp at C2 and continue pulling C2/Courtyard until your lowbie hits 75 or high enough to group with your tank.

Step 11(b) Dragonscale Hills: Here I enjoy setting up camp along the wall north of the pile of bones with all the scarabs and Doomgore. What I pull all depends on what people are camping at the time, if I have the zone to myself I will normally do a rotation of: Farm + mobs on the hill above it and all the way west until i hit the end of the zone -> Scarabs + Robots + Cats + Snakes in field -> Minotaurs -> Nymphs + whatever I missed in the other pulls. Rinse Repeat until 75.

Like this guide? Want more zone options because someone is at the camp I mentioned? Want to know where to go to DS PL WAY faster, and all the way to 80..? I mean after all the expansion is raising the level cap.. all this and more will be posted in LEVEL 2 once I am a little bit less of a slacker and get enough redcents to re-enable my sub!
Feb 14, 2016
if you have a tank to pull with and have the new wurmslayer from FM, you can pull huge trains, duck and swap to wurmmy, then sit so the mobs can chain hit you and you won't ever stand since the wurm guard is going. I just PL'd a toon like this pulling all of wall of slaughter


Warriors are inferior (read: crybaby) tanks
Jul 30, 2006
if you have a tank to pull with and have the new wurmslayer from FM, you can pull huge trains, duck and swap to wurmmy, then sit so the mobs can chain hit you and you won't ever stand since the wurm guard is going. I just PL'd a toon like this pulling all of wall of slaughter

Does the Wurm guard effect keep it from registering as ripo damage? Or is your back turned this whole time?


Sep 26, 2015
Necros are the new best Friend for pling alts. After you have established aggro on your train and have gotten a AE off with bard in group or potions. Cast Remote Sphere of Decay and hit Death's Effigy when casted. The spell doesnt pop aggro when FD and the alt gets all the xp and its faster then DS killing. Works great in mid 80s to lower 90s.

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