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Request - Custom Binds - sample configurations (1 Viewer)

Jun 7, 2020
Hello RedGuides!

For those of you who use the MQ2CustomBinds plugin, I have a simple request please if you're happy to help.

If you have added a bind, then you will have a file called "MQ2CustomBinds.txt" that hold the configuration.
(This will live in the VeryVanilla Release directory, what some refer to as the root directory of the install. Along with the macroquest exe and a load of MQ2 DLL files.).

Can you please share with me what you have in the "MQ2CustomBinds.txt" text file please.

Important Note: as you make a copy of it, please read it careful for what it says. If you have put a character name in it then please change the name when you copy it.​
e.g. your character is AwesomeGuy, and in the text it says something like; /target AwesomeGuy, then replace that to /target SomeDude
You won't necessarily have personal character things in there, but just in case you have done, I wish to keep it anonymous.​

Why am I asking?

There is a change request to review the configuration file format.
It's currently a TXT file, and the CR is to have it stored as the INI file standard (used by the bulk of RG VV MQ2 plugins and macros) instead.

I've done some tests, but it is best with some good use cases. To help ensure I'm not making assumptions. :xd:


Regards & Best Wishes.

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