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Question - Curious about pricing (1 Viewer)

Jul 31, 2016
I was curious what people are selling ice encrusted stuff for? ive been told minimum 6mil also been told 8 to 10 kronos. does it vary depending on the class/item?
Jul 20, 2017
Over on Xegony someone just sold ice incrusted shield for 20kronos. The sk/pally 2hs is going for around 10 kronos. It all depends on the sever you are on I am thinking.
Jul 14, 2019
At the beginning of the xpac I was able to sell in the 6-10kr range for select items. I heard of the pet earring going for 30kr. I saw a lot of price variance on servers though. I was even able to, economically, purchase low on a few and resell for a higher market and come out ahead. Short answer: It varies tremendously, and three-four months ago the prices were higher, now they are much lower.

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