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Question - Copykits? (1 Viewer)

Feb 1, 2020
Hi All,

Someone in another thread mentioned that downtime on the Test server was "a good time to work on your FV Copykits"

i'm curious what sort of things people are farming/buying on FV that they can copy and trade on Test?
Apr 8, 2021
the main rule if your building a copykit on fv for test is to make sure that when any item leaves FV via testcopy that it is still tradeable ... OR ... that your putting it on a character on fv to play on test .... once tradeable gear on fv leaves to test once you access it on test the regular loot rules will apply just as every other live server.

some people build there own personal kits of TS items or twink items for when they make new toons. unatuners are a good thing to get for your loyalty tokens same with the res token thingys (these can be copied every 8 hours) ... there are also a couple different folks out there who will do raidcopies for you (usually for a krono fee) . as i dont wanna do links or advertising here (as its RGs site) if that's really what your looking for you can always inbox me if you had any further enquiries.
Mar 31, 2015
Snowbound gear for 110 alts, Waxing Crescent gear for 115 alts, velium and luclinite power sources.

Current TS items to make Tier 3 120 armor. Tradeable gear for 110 and 115 alts, TS items that need to be foraged/farmed for skillups. Consumables like food+drink, Extra Planar Potential Shard Type 13 augs.

You can use raidloot.com and sort by class/level/"bazaar" which will only show tradeable items, which is pretty handy.

I also have a "new char mule" on FV. When I make a new char I trade him bags of a full set of type 5 augs and type 7 augs, tons of currency from multiple expansions, stack of no drop ore from last 3 expansions, full set of bags etc. Every char I make starts on FV then gets copied over to Test. So when they hit 120 they've got full sets of gear ready to go.
Apr 14, 2017
Also, a few items for your kit. Guild hall anchors, rank 2 spells, potion packs, shared exp pots, any prize packs, and my favorite items to copy over, pre looted epic items. Now, you cannot do all the items. However, you can pretty much do a complete mage 1.0 and necro 1.0, plus monks pipes and robe.

I've got a list somewhere of what can or cannot be traded. I will find it.

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