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Question - Context Menu (1 Viewer)

Mar 10, 2021
Spent quite a while trying to figure this out without any joy.
Is there some way to access Everquests Context Menus via MQ? They only reply as NULL when you /echo ${EverQuest.LastMouseOver.Name} over them.

and semi-related (im a curious person), the people that develop MQ, they have to program all that stuff into MQ so we have access to it dont they?


Jun 28, 2014
There is, but I don't remember if it's exposed in macros. I assume it would be. What I usually do in these situations is to try to find something that already does what I'm trying to do and then steal from that. In this case, find a macro that would need to interact with a context menu.

Barring that, for most windows we have a window inspector in the utilities menu of next and you can hover over it to see what would show up. @kaen would probably know this off the top of his head.

If you remind me when I'm at a computer I'll help find it (if you haven't figured this out already).

As for MQ -- Sometimes it's just taking advantage and exposing access to functions that already exist in the EQ client, sometimes it's writing code to give you a more specialized version. But yeah, you get nothing for "free" so to speak -- it all has to be written.

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