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Bans - Conserve Water & Power // Southern States (1 Viewer)

Oct 26, 2020
Morning All, just a quick note for those down south we've got you on our prayers. Probably repeating stuff you guys already know but...
  1. Conserve Power, specially on your mobile device in case things get really dire.
  2. Do not burn things inside your home or fireplace, specially if you don't have something engineered for heat (chimmey/brick stack/with outside rated vent...i.e. a gas insert isn't meant for heating).
  3. For those without water, you can bring snow to a rolling boil if it turns into a real emergency.
  4. Talk to your neighbors...ugh...i know people...but if it turns into a real emergency the more people huddled together for warm the better.
  5. If you're sweating in your clothes, layer down. Sweat is water and that saps your body heat...i know strange huh? So if you're starting to sweat in your clothes you need to dry up and layer down a bit or that will accelerate you freezing.
  7. Check the news, convention centers and some public buildings have been opened as a temporary shelter. Emergency services can transport you if your vehicle isn't equipped to get you there.
Praying for everyone, please stay safe, warm, and protect your loved ones.


Mad Scientist
Feb 9, 2017
Been in Texas for a month now visiting some family. Been hell since Sunday. Just went four days without water and 2 days without electric. Happened while I was watching my toons doing their thing. It really sucked. All back up for the moment, hope we are not in the rotation to lose power again. Makes you appreciate the simple things in life. Hope everyone is staying warm and safe.
Nov 29, 2017
Praying for all you Texans and other people in bad weather areas. Hope FEMA gets in gear and gets help to people that need it. May you and your families be safe.
great post @an_image ! :)

Hope all will be well @cannonballdex , I had been thinking of moving to Teaxas. The VA wants to help me get there, but I am considering NH.
Jan 8, 2016
Central Texas here. Just did 4 days w/o reliable power (our utility was rolling us 3 on 3 off for a looong time). We've had power on for 24ish hours now. We had water until Tuesday night and we got it back yesterday. Still being asked to boil all water as most muni's lost water pressure so they need to flush the system and run quality checks over the next few days or so. I'm luckier than most. We are in a relatively new home with good insulation and the temperature stayed above 60 degrees through the entire ordeal.

I've been through hurricanes, tornadoes, and some other unpleasant weather but this one takes the cake easily. We stayed below freezing for a record 144 hours and on Monday morning it was below zero.

No plows, no salt/sand trucks. No way to get out to get food. We boiled the snow and drank it for a while and had the bath tubs filled to flush the toilets. Really crappy week.
Oct 26, 2020
From what I hear the weather is cooperating now but the aftermath is just as bad. Burst pipes, flooded apartments, etc...and no or contaminated water in a lot of areas.
Apr 30, 2019
Do not trust tap water for a good while. Weeks after the normal pressure is restored and stable.

When pressure is lost water seeps back in through cracks in the main supply line from surrounding areas. There is always cracks... Normally the pressure in the pipe > pressure outside so it cannot seep back in.
Now imagine what a breeding ground for bad bugs that water will be.
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