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Question - Command to stay where you are (1 Viewer)


On thin ice
Jun 13, 2020
Under what conditions? Like everyone but your puller? Which plugins are you using, KA, CWTN... ?

If your wanting one toon not to move while others do something, pause that toon.

I specifically have an event that can have two emotes at once, i don't want anyone who gets a specific emote to move until the event is over. I cant pause the toon cause it will still /nav places if the stuff is just paused. basically stand where you are and die.
Jul 27, 2019
Knew that part, was wondering if there was an auto way. Guess I'll need to get clever with commands
depending on what you're using, you could make a condition that sends /root off if you have rez effects. But I think that would only work if there is a way to check with MQ2Nav to see if the "root" command is active or not. I haven't used it enough to know if that's possible. Otherwise, it would continuously spam the /root off over and over while you have rez effects.

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