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Question - Cleric Merc Question w/ .ini

Jun 16, 2019
Hello Everyone!

So I've been trying to fine tune my Cleric Merc with my small box team. I've noticed this in the Kiss Settings,

[Merc] /callassist Settings
This feature will keep your mercenary from attacking until mobs health hits a defined percentage.
Requires you to turn off Auto Assist in Manage Mercenary Window, which is recommended to keep the merc from prematurely engaging mobs outside of group member radius.




What this setting does




0=Off/1=On - Toggles /callassist feature for mercs.




Target health percentage for mercenary to assist at.

Auto Revive



Now auto detects if your merc is in group when the macro is started and will auto revive if merc dies.

The last section, Auto Revive, how do I get that to work? Is it a feature that is currently available?

Plus, if anyone has any other tips on getting Mercs in general to be more effective (aside from blocking spells) please let me know!
Apr 9, 2018
If you have the duration and delayed heals blocked, place cleric merc on reactive. Have at least your tank click off Rallied or Greater Melee Guard between fights to get merc to refresh the buff. Also, mark your group roles. The main tank will get more priority when it comes to heals. Mark the puller so that his antics will not trigger the mercs to soon. If dps merc is out to make sure main assist is up. Last night i was in a group where leaders failed to mark roles. Melee mercs can take more of a beating and can be somewhat safely left on burn even with hate shortage and will stay with or at least closer to the group even if you're moving around. (within auras) Caster merc can get a burst of hate if a Flames of Power, Conjurer's Synergy, Troubadour's Synergy, Dissident Psalm, and other spells so just be aware. Melee merc can get tripped up by Spiteful Lyric ac/hate proc line that bard use. Cleric merc's heals do make use of bard songs that increase crit chance and heal amount. Accelerando line does seem to reduce hate of there heals but i have no idea if it affects recast and global cool down.
May 28, 2019
If you can get up the energy take the leap and make a cleric. Even on silver a real cleric will make your Merc look like he’s been afk the entire time.

Then load IHC and it will change your life!
May 28, 2019
I would, but I have a SHM and I dont want to pay for ANOTHER expansion come December. If I can't complete all of TBL with my box group, I might do it
I get it for sure! I feel the same come new expansion time. There’s a great 110 shaman ini which will heal the group really well in the resources section. Check it out it’s honestly amazing what it can do for a group. I haven’t finished all the smoke trials yet but the rest should be doable with cleric Merc and shaman in group!