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Question - chat color change back to default (1 Viewer)


Its in that place where I put that thing that time
Jun 20, 2017
I change my /who command chat color to yellow to read easier - several times now it changes back to default without me changing it
It also not right away.. I may log back in several times and its fine then boom its changed- same thing happens with enhanced vision too

anyone else have this issue
eq has stupid settings spread all over different kinds of ini files, the settings you mention, i believe is in the shared eqclient.ini

so if you log in a couple guys, and change the color on one, thne log him out and then after he is logged out, log one of the others out, its gonna be like hey i have this setting like this, lets save it cause we logging out.

and then you just overwrote the setting you made on the first guy

i suggest try logging in one toon only, make your changes, zone, then /camp desktop
Question - chat color change back to default

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