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Lua - Chase (1 Viewer) v1.0.2

Sep 13, 2019
aquietone submitted a new resource:

Chase - MQ2Nav based Lua for chasing a PC.

Chases the specified player using MQ2Nav, because who likes that pesky afollow. Not much else to it. It will chase if the chase distance is exceeded and you are not currently:
- Casting (unless you're a bard)
- Auto attack on
- AutoFire on
- Hovering (dead)
- Sticking to something
- Already nav'ing somewhere

Intended for use when running something without an available chase mode, or characters outside of group or some other situation where your only option is typically afollow. Don't try to...

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Oct 31, 2019
After I got used to it, I don't feel the need of a command to minimize anymore, as it seems the state is persistent. If I log out with the tool minimized it will be minimized on login.
It's really a tool which added a new pice of comfort for me, as there is no need to press "follow me" anymore after each zoning.
Ontop the chars don't get stuck anymore running through narrow caves.
I created 3 Buttons on Buttonmaster to launch, hold and resume chase and like the ease of using it.


Well-known member
Jun 19, 2020
This thing is freaking awesome for having my healer out of group. Afollow wil eff up his casting when they move. This waits, 5 out of 5 would use again!

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