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Question - Change targets/back off

Apr 24, 2019
Has anyone done GMM mission danger zone with a single group kissassist/MQ2 set up? My main single group is Bard,Sk, Cleric, Zerk, Mage, Wiz. Basically starts off good adds come in 2 at a time mez/kill high dps get the catapults up and running. Problem starts when the mob comes down from the sky everyone attacks and when it flys back up Bard,Zerk and pets follow it. Tried to command to back off and switch targets but they don’t always do so very well. Sometimes they just run off the platform all together and pets usually just stick at the end of the landing pad. Now all toons have a 110 kissassist loaded as well as running a few MQ2 programs like MQ2 Berzerker. Thanks for any help or advice.