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Question - buy.inc and lazylobbyrez

Feb 9, 2017
Have these files been updated in the fresh install or the updates? I notice every time I update using the updater these files get replaced with old ones.
buy.inc from this thread buy.inc moved the variables to eliminate duplicate error when looping.
Sub Buy(Item ItemToBuy, int amount)
  /echo Buying ${ItemToBuy}!
   /declare QTY int Inner
   /declare l2 int local
   /declare LastItemCount int local
   /declare CurrentItemCount int local

   /declare char string local
   /declare InStr string local
   /declare loopctr int local

   /varset LastItemCount ${Window[MerchantWnd].Child[ItemList].Items}
   |---SMALL delay to allow the MERCHANT Window to populate
   /delay ${Math.Calc[${DelayMult}*2]}s
   /varset QTY ${Math.Calc[${amount}-${FindItemCount[=${ItemToBuy}]}]}
and the lazylobbyrez file missing the soulstone for 115
or is lazyrez.mac suppose to be the new one? It says included in the post but doesn't download with the updates.
Feb 9, 2017
I thought you posted an updated lazylobbyrez and Sic deleted his?
Yes, but when you update the launcher (under very vanilla the update or reinstall button) it appears that it uses an old file that doesn't have the soulstone for 115 and you then have to click the macros to reinstall lazylobbyrez to overwrite the one that overwrote the one in the update of the launcher. :)
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