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Macro - Brell's Fishing Rod Fishing Macro (1 Viewer) Jan 2019

Mar 23, 2018
how would one alter the ninjaloot to not loot rusty dagger and tattered cloth sandals?
You can read more about ninjadvloot here: https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/ninjadvloot-inc.973/

Basic gist of it would be to do the following, though:
Usage. Grab the item and put it on your cursor then use one of the following commands
/lootdestroy - Mark item on cursor as Destroy in loot.ini file
/lootignore - Mark item on cursor as Ignore in loot.ini file
/lootkeep - Mark item on cursor as Keep in loot.ini file
/lootsell - Mark item on cursor as Sell in loot.ini file

So in your case you'd put a rusty dagger on your cursor and do /lootdestroy (same for the cloth sandals). That'll make an entry in the loot.ini (found in the macro folder) to destroy those items automatically.
Feb 9, 2017
Thanks for the Great fishing macro! I added a lazy version to it (too lazy to get a brell's pole). /mac autofish in The Plane of Knowledge runs you to the fishing hole, buys a pole and bait from the vendor and starts fishing. Runs back to vendor for pole and bait if needed. Will run till max or out of bag room. Need plat for buying pole and bait and at least 30 bag slots or more empty to get to max. Happy Fishing. :)
Actually you need a whole lot more than 30 bag slots empty if your keeping everything you catch or you can add Rusty Dagger=Destroy and Tattered Cloth Sandal=Destroy to your loot.ini file :) For some reason when I try the previous post, it doesn't change my loot.ini file.
Also clears cursor before trying to cast again to avoid the You can't fish while holding something. :)

UPDATED: After some research max fishing with a pole is 200. This will take you to 200 (for now) and end macro. Otherwise it will never stop fishing. :)


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