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Question - Blocking Spells/Spell Line Question (1 Viewer)


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Jan 8, 2022
So, after reading the "new char shit" guide for what to do with a new toon, I was trying to figure out a way to block the mod rod, or mod rods, and its a pain especially if you do not know the name. So that got me thinking about this question.

Is there an Idiots Guide to Blocking Spells and Spell Lines out there?

I love the way that the guide I read just had a /block add me and like 10 different spells.

I know I could read through ZAM or Lucy or something and find all the spell numbers to do it, and build my slash command off that.

But I was wondering if someone knows of a tool out there that has them pre-loaded/sorted that I could click all the spells I want to block or spell lines and it will spit out the numbers that I need to block.

I know there is a way to chain the numbers together in the format needed in excel, I am just not smart enough to code it into excel; let alone know how to import it all the spells you would want to block.

I just thought it would be cool to be like: here is all the mod rod spell numbers, and if there are specific spells you know you never want in a series that prevent you from getting others (example maybe anything that blocks necro lich line) you can add that entire series.

As always thank you in advance.
Jan 26, 2022
for those rods if u dont want them, place them in your housing

for other spells u dont want, do what sic had suggest /blockbuff add me SPell ID# and for pets /blockbuff add pet SPell ID#

this is an example for the nights terror illusion

/blockbuff add me 49288
/blockbuff add pet 49288

which would block you niughts terror illusion


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