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Tech - Black Friday Computer Sales for your RG needs (1 Viewer)

Nov 29, 2017
Hi guys,
We have talked about this in the past and with Black Friday and holiday sales, I wanted to share things I find that seem to be a good deal as it pertains to our favorite past time RG EQ ! Eq is not much without RG at this point to many of us, so things to bring us joy will be nice systems/upgrades that can help us box better. Please free free to add at your own findings. Some of you far more inclined and knowledgeable guys and gals, let us know thoughts and some you know about places that can help with building your own great system. I've only done that once myself a long time ago, would like to again someday. For now, let me start with some premade system:

From Costco: Dell 32 Gig I7 $1299 8GB Geforce Nvidia extra SSD added (Black Friday time only)
Aug 12, 2018
Don't forget to add $60 for the Costco membership fee or find a friend

Curious how many of these will hit backorder due to supply chain issue. Most everything at Best Buy is delayed....even coffee pots
Jan 26, 2019
1,299 is a lot of cash for PC for EQ

Trying going for staples PC , they do the job and are 599.00
My PC is about a year and a half old. I got it from Best Buy right before Summer 2020 for $529. AMD Ryzen 5 1600, 16GB Ram (I've upgraded that to 64GB) and an Nvida GTX 1050 Ti w/4GB. I can run several instances of EQ (I haven't even tried the framelimter stuff yet), six instances of Google Chrome (with multiple windows open in each), MS Outlook, Word and Excel - it never even shrugs at the workload.

Something like this on Amazon will work for most EQ applications, especially after the guys here help you tweak it out. I would personally get extra RAM and a better video card, but it would work.


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