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Guide - Bixie Warfront Farm for lvl 85+ (1 Viewer)


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Oct 24, 2015
Good place to farm Ethernere Essence and plat, poison, etc for lvls 85+

Head to the Bixie Warfront and find Naturalist Yrelia, head up the tunnel behind her, you will find trents, spiders, bixies - kill them

Took a f2p heroic lvl 87 ranger and a A2 healer merc to test and was able to kill. Might be doable for lower lvls, but dont have any to try with

I have made 300k - 350k per day there in vendor trash, using 2-3 lvl 100 with healer and wiz merc, while lvling 1-2 toons


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Feb 24, 2005
Tried this out for a few hours last night... the mobs con as weak enemies so the exp is pretty bad.
Great farming spot for drops / plat though...
Jan 26, 2014
Update on this guide. still an amazing spot for plat and vender loot. No nameds and weaker mobs. advice as ive been here a little over a week, bring a smaller toon im a ogre zerk and he gets stuck at times. but ive done very well here. eternal essences are down on my server. Still 300-400k ish per bags feeling up very antisocial .
Jul 11, 2022
First post here, I just wanted to add some concrete information for those who were interested. I am not posting pp/hr because that varies so much on how fast you can kill. The mobs are all level 99, light blue to 110 shaman. Sample size was 82 kills.

Total PP: 7,110 PP avg/mob: 86 (mostly due to diamonds, blue diamonds and etherene diamonds)

XP avg / mob: .003% at 90/10 xp/aa

Total Essence drops: 17, average of 1/5 mobs

If there is interest, I will try to get more data on mobs HPs or other items that are identified.

- E

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