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Question - Beastlord Swarm Pet (1 Viewer)

Jun 6, 2022
Good Afternoon Everyone;

I have been playing around with a BL/Necro lately.... fun little combo.

When I hit 85, I found the BL received two separate swarm pets. Yowl at the Moon and Haergen's Feralgia.

I'm curious though as to why they would bother.... or what's the purpose of having both since they are the same level, do essentially the same thing and are on the same timer?
Seems very redundant to me.

Anyway... just a curiosity for me.... If anyone can shed some insight on this, it would be interesting to learn about.

Thanks, and have a good day.


Aug 18, 2020
It is there to give you options.

If the fight is too short or having swarm pets out will cause problems, then you can use the Growl line by itself.
Want more swarm pets, but don't need to recast Growl? Use Swarm line (at the Moon)
Mana is no issue or you aren't bothered by the above? Use Feralgia line

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