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Question - Battle rez not working

Jul 16, 2014
I have Rezaccpeton=1 set on all toons kiss ini files. What is the correct line in the config file in the release folder for each toon? I'd also like to get Call of the Wild to work too because I use Clerics and occasionally a Shaman. Any help is appreciated.
Jun 12, 2015
Kiss 11.002 had some changes to the way rez functions. You now need your rez spells inside your heal section (up at the top)

Heals1=Divine Resurrection|0|rez
Heals2=Blessing of Resurrection|0|rez

New Rez tags:**
rez = In and out of combat.
rezooc = Out of Combat only
rezcombat = In Combat only

Also double check that you still have AutoRezOn=1 and that your rezaccept looks correct


Highest "normal" rez is 96%, many people use 90%, however.

You still need AutoRezon AutoRezOn=1 MQ2Rez has recently been updated as well - you can check your mq2rez settings by /rez settings
Aug 7, 2019
Dead char will accept it if you cast it manually, so it's not that. The shaman will target the corpse during combat, but won't cast the spell.