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Question - bard or another Berzerker ? (1 Viewer)

Jun 11, 2020
I am running a SK , shaman , zerker , zerker , mage would it be better to have my 6th be a bard for selos , CC , over haste and adps or would it be more dps to just add in a 3rd zerker ? or will the utility outweigh the dps gain of another zerker or would another zerkers dps be better than the added utility and adps ?
Mar 2, 2019
Bard for sure. I have tried 3 zerks and the bard wins hands down. For me dps is better with the bard and 2 zerks over 3. Plus selos for faster pulls and ivu and reg invisi same time from bard aa is awesome in new expansion.
Jun 7, 2020
I will add a copper piece to the pot.

The mage has nice utility features. There may be times you like the idea of Call the Hero to summon characters.
There is the various item creates from spell cast they can do also. Food, drink, pet items.

They can also place a nice damage shield, quickly to all the group.
Lets not forget their own pet, of which you can decide which element best suits your needs.

Fairly sure i read somewhere in the small print, they can do some dps too, throwing the odd fireball around.

As a boxed character I like the mage.

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