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Question - Ban or Suspension for allowing others to log your character in on Aradune? (1 Viewer)

Jan 8, 2016
What I consider a "credible source" informed me last night that people are getting banned if you let someone else log your character in (not sure if that includes VPN) on Aradune. Has anyone heard of this as well? What if i had two houses/homes in different locations and wanted to play eq...?

Yes, I know it's, "not allowed" to begin with. But account sharing happens all the time on live servers and nothing is ever done about it. So why Aradune?
Aug 12, 2018
They apparently have some very "active" GM's over there and I think they are dropping the ban hammer on many things as an example and to see how it goes for the player base.

Not sure how they know its account sharing though. Unless someone said something. Or if it was put in the ban email - ???? After all it is only common sense that a player may have different locations. Maybe it was at the same time which would raise a flag

TLP have always had a better presence of GM and a tighter rule set than live.
Apr 30, 2019
Detection could be as simple as.
On login check location of IP and last login if distance > time that you can travel by plane raise a flag.

And this is where VPN's can bite you in the butt as a distance check may very well show you traveled half the globe in 5 hours
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