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Question - Bags?

Mar 9, 2017
What do you guys do for bags on new toons as you PL them? I feel like I'm missing some starter bag quests or good ones in the lvl 80-105 range.

Anybody have a code snippet that buys the Deluxe Toolboxes or buys/converts "Unexpanded" bags?

10 slot starters - I start with the 10-slot toolboxes from PoK tinker vendor.

16 slots - Sometimes I'll do the little tradeskill book stuff to convert the 12 slot Unexpanded bags (purchased in Bazaar) to 16 slot no-drop bags.

20-28 slots - If we get lucky and get any of the various sized, tradable "Travelers" rucksack type bags from Named.

24 slot - Heroic toon satchels. I did this on quite a few toons, but now I just PL new toons with my existing group.

30-36 slots - Sometimes I'll have KA start the EoK Hunter achievements for a couple of the 30-36 slots. Then I'll manually help them kill the pain-in-the-butt Named later to finish these out.

36 slot (tradeskill items) - Extraplanar Trade Satchel, I grab one from Bazaar around lvl 105 and leave it in slot 1 to auto-sort tradeskill stuff out.

40 slot - If we get lucky and get a Satchel of the Combined Hero while grinding, or I buy one in the Bazaar/general chat.
Mar 28, 2015
Well most of the army has a huge portion of Eok and ros hunter done as I do them all at once. Collection bags for many of the alts once they ding 106+ and I crack a krono. Each gets two 32 slot ts bags. Heroic bags I’d they have them. Fill empty slots with 20 slot expanded bags.
Aug 12, 2018
I use Featherweight Satchel of the Courier (20 and 100%)- long quest but its a must have for my newbies - can do it at level 1. Then I do the Orc Haulers haversack from Gnollish tools in cresent reach - holds 10 with 75% reduction/level 20 ish. Pop over to Secalna Galnor in POK - she does the continuing out of gloomingdeep tutorial and the she gives out for the bazzar will get the trader satchel and a sturdy travelers pack/10. Any of your higher guys can help get a traverlers strongbox/12 slots from Diggory in Feerrot. All of these are free.

But mostly I just make the unexpanded ones and let the level 1 guys scribe and expand them. Also will make them some extraplanar trade satchels.