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News - Autoscrolling and how to disable it in the MQ2Chat Window (1 Viewer)


Dec 29, 2017
So someone mentioned that autoscrolling was annoying and I was "you can turn that off". Apparently the though of turning off autoscrolling wasn't something that had even been considered since there isn't an actual command to toggle it.

BUT just because there isn't a command, doesn't mean there isn't a way to accomplish it.

MQ2ChatWnd.ini located in the release directory has a section at the top that you'll find useful.

Simply change AutoScroll=on to say AutoScroll=off

Now, since this change is in the INI and the value of autoscroll it set at the time the plugin is loaded, simply unload the plugin or exit the game entirely. I recommand a large scale removal of the plugin if you plan to disable it on all characters. /bcaa //plugin mq2chatwnd unload

Then edit the file, save it.

Finally /bcaa //plugin mq2chatwnd

to load the plugin back. Now autoscroll is disabled.

This seems like something silly to post about, until I realized that long time MQ2 users didn't realize it was an option. Well, now you know :-)

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