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Contest August '17 Contest: Tell us about your favorite merc/familiar

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August at RedGuides

This August let's all find a new little EverQuest buddy. Tell us...

What's your favorite mercenary/familiar, and how did you find em!?

To enter, just answer the above question, or have an on-topic discussion about mercs or familiars. Example:

Mary: My favorite merc is the Frozen Skeleton, because it's blue and badass. I got it from the quest in PoK, linked above.
Ralph: I wish the skeleton were pink.
Joe: I like toothpaste.
Both Ralph and Mary qualify for an entry, Joe does not.

Prize List:
  • THREE KRONO for one lucky winner (thanks passaway!)
  • TWO KRONO for one lucky winner. (thanks passaway!)
  • One Krono for one lucky winner.
  • One Krono for one lucky winner.
  • One Krono for one lucky winner.
  • One Krono for one lucky winner.
  • One Krono for one lucky winner.
  • Avatar change (from redcent shop)
  • Color username (from redcent shop)
  • 1 Month of Redguides Level 2 access for you or a friend. Enjoy MQ2 compiles, the internet's largest collection of macros, private strategies, and a great community.

Winners will be chosen by in-game /random.

Contest sponsored by passaway's Phinigel & Agnarr Powerleveling. passaway is a small-time reliable powerleveler, and a trusted RG member. If he has an opening, use him!​

No purchase necessary. No more entries after August 31st, 11:59 PM PST.
Drawing will be held in-game on the Vox server, by use of /random. Time & location of the /random will be posted after contest ends, you are welcome to attend.
One reply only, please. Multiple replies (and therefore multiple entries) are allowed so long as you are carrying on a normal on-topic conversation.
Shipping of physical items is to USA only, an alternate prize will be selected if we can't get it to you.
Posting with multiple accounts, or screwing with the contest will lead to certain doom.

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Favorite merc is the shissar! I don't know where it comes from a guildie gave it to me a while back. Here's hoping they do a luclin remake.

Favorite familiar gotta be dragorn war mask! Does that count, guess that's more of an illusion benefit.

The new cactus familiar was pretty BA from EoK


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I was always fond of my Gingerbread Man. It was just hilarious walking around with one.


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My favorite merc is my dwarf tank merc. I named him and he's been with me from the beginning, so I feel fondness when he pops out (much rarer than in the early days).
The brownie DPS merc because.... cute lil brownie. I mean who wouldn't want a waist high female with a dagger.

So my favorite Merc isn't just the "Type" of merc. It is specifically my Cleric Froglok Merc named Rayppipa. I call her Raypippapippa. There have been numerous times over the years that Raypippa has come to the rescue. The last moments where I am trying to flop through a zone, but I in desperation I am able to get merc unsummon off and she gives me that quick sweet sweet loving that I need to get through. I can't tell you how many times I have yelled "RAYPIPPA! RAYPIPPAPIPPA.

The name was auto generated, but at some point I accidentally got rid of Rayppippa =/ for a week or so I was just not enjoying the game because Raypippa wasn't there to saveme. I don't even recall the imposter merc's name, but we'll just say it was Super_lame_not-so-Rayppipa. This merc I SWEAR, would just let me die, it would go out of itsway to "Oops, my heal was too late". Fuck you Super_lame_not-so-Rayppipa.

I went back to the froglok merchant and repurchased a merc a few times to find a name that did it for me... but everything was disappointing. I even tried other mercs, ghosts, darkelves (who I use on some of my other toons), High elves... but nothing was Raypippa.

Then someone told me about the Merc name change thing and BOOM! IT'S RAYPIPPAPIPPA Time!!!

Whenever I take a break and come back, I instantly pop my merc and I am warmly embraced by Rayppipa's loving heals. And every time I come back, I run to my wife and tell her all about how Rayppipa is still there waiting for me and she tells me that something must be wrong with me. Worth it.

Rayppipa > all
I went out and purchased the Tumbleweed familiar on all my toons. I seem to recall it having a bonus to dodge or avoidance or something, but now that I think about it, it may not stack with similar worn mods. Nevertheless, I went out and got them on all my toons, so now I have little tumbleweeds following me around... and when I roll around en-mass.... tons of tumbleweeds!
GM toothpaste eater, he who eats toothpaste, licks windows, and generally makes everyone around him appear to have a int +1 billion buff. Wears a three piece suit with a "pants of too tight" permanent spell. A permanent aura of "Stick in the mud" is prevalent. Constantly reminds you to not enjoy the game too much. Keeps foisting hats and ornaments on you /autoinventory till it is full. If you are not in a guild it harps at you till you join the first one that advertises.....geeeez. It will disable the touchpad randomly and toss a bluescreen no less than twice daily.
Can not be traded, dropped, given away, bribed, lost or anything else. It digtally duplcates itself across all your accounts like that sunglass weraing douche on The Matrix.
If you try to go to the bathroom or get a drink it beeps/flashes the EULA on your screen and freezes all toons till you pass a 100 question EULA test.
Oh yeah and MOST iritating it only speaks in acronyms. Or as it would say IOSIAs.

As usual,
I like my OOW familiars. Probably my Ikaav healer the most. Because... bewbs.. ) The contract was in ym claim window. I forget how I earned that. I remember my first clickie pet/familiar was that little hound thing from TSS frozen zone.
Really wish they would do a Cyclops mercenary just for moloers... He only has to keep his eye on my (and mine alone) health...

I'm missing a merc on Agnar but the playstyle works for me - I've always liked the Ginger Bread Man...

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