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Question - Are the changes to Mangling (Focus AA) on Test? (1 Viewer)

May 20, 2020
Heya buds - back in October (I believe), there was some discussion on the patch notes about Zerks getting a new Reuse Timer AA (focus tab) for Mangling. The text was something like, "This is a really useful ability for Berserkers, so we felt this was necessary," or something similar. Additionally, there was supposed to be a Battle Leap change (passive AA now?), and some other good stuff.

Anyway, is this on Test server at all? Daddy runs a lotta zerks, and daddy luuurvs to Mangle.

Sangle and ready to mangle, bbz.


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Jul 22, 2018
There was some chatter about it during the beta season as a way to placate those of us who main the class, but "oh wow, it's so late and there's no time to get it in for release, maybe later!" Also, the EQ devs who work on AAs are lazy pieces of *expletive* and rarely do anything that isn't copy-pasta from a spreadsheet formula so getting any actual new AA functionality or anything resembling class balance is like pulling teeth.

So, no :bang:

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