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IRL - App to play EQ on foldable phones. (1 Viewer)


Clearly Not of This Planet
Dec 6, 2020
So Sandbox brought Albion back to life by enabling a smartphone interface. I can't sit for long periods of time so I've been playing that.

I'm wondering if our fine programmers here could come up with a solution for using EQ via smart phone for disabled people like me... or just lazy assess in general.

Second question, do we have a mod through our networks of people here that would work on Albion for boxing or auto gathering?
I used an iPad to play eq before but it was basic controls on moving round it was a few years back but it can be done with existing tools. I used a software that streamed it to my iPad like parsec but it also had built in movement and an action button. I'll see if I can dig it up.
Also use parsec to remote in to the PC, on android tablet and phone.

Still prefer BT mouse and keyboard, however... Not sure what type of interface OP is after.
IRL - App to play EQ on foldable phones.

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