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Question - Any way to change the color of the taskbar tabs of only Group Leaders? (1 Viewer)


test server lobbyist
Apr 8, 2021
i get what the OP is getting at i run up to 36 and for a long time ive used dividers (pinned chrome links/discord/ini folders etc) between each group and made sure that each group leader was to the right of said pinned window. ive recently started using boxhud and it def helps a lot if the computer has the resources. if not try 7+ tweaker to tile your instances and than seperate them with items you use when your active. KA file for bards opened up between gruops is a solid choice as it also allows quick access to edit if needed
May 19, 2021
Or different colors taskbar tabs based on role. Melee is red, Healers are green, DPS is orange, etc.
and the tab flashes when incoming damage is detected.
just thinking outside the box. Don't even know if that is possible to implement.

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