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Question - Any discounts for EQ Live accounts? (1 Viewer)


May 19, 2023
Returning to EQ and want t0 start a small 3-box group on FV (Bard, Mage, Necro). When I purchased the subscription for my first account it had a spot to enter a discount code. Does anyone know where to get EQ discount codes?

I'm looking to cut some costs. So far I see this as a ~$600 endeavor without counting any RedGuide costs.
3x 1 year subs at $120 each = $360
3x current Expacs at $70 each (want the mount and bag) = $210
Total = $580

This is getting expensive fast.

As always, any help much appreciated.
Aug 12, 2018
Discount codes are really really old and very rare now days. The only place you can find them is on unused game cards. I have 3 game cards left and have used 2 over the last 10 years and the codes still work even though they stopped selling game cards around 2016. Unless its a code for a special event which would not be for subs but for items etc.

First thing to look at is you really don't need a sub until you hit the good AA. All the armor up to about level 85 is pretty much whatever drops (defiant etc) and is fine for lower levels so having a paid account is not gaining you any ground. F2P gets 26 expansions free which is TOV and level 115, and the latest expansion really cannot be played by under level 100 at least if not higher.

Once you hit 85 or so you can do the one Krono or credit card a month thing. Where you rotate your accounts and go sub on just one each month and do the Auto Grant to get all the AA for that account. Then the next one etc. Just have to remember to cancel right after you pay so it doesn't auto charge. You still get the full month as paid even if you cancel right away.

Once you get all your guys up to snuff then you can look at constant subscriptions.

Everyone's finances are different but I found it helped me to pay 3 months at a time which comes to just under $40 a month so I line them up Jan and then second account in Feb then third account in March and then back to first account that is ready to charge again and do the rotation all over. I use a credit card and have it auto renew. But that only covers 3 accounts.

Another thought is buy Krono from sources that are cheaper.

And as mentioned above they usually do the current expansion sale right before the next expansion is released. Over the last few years the discount on that has dropped to 25% but what I do is buy the basic on the most recent one and then when the sale hits I get the prem versions. It will allow credit for the lower ones you bought already.
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Jul 22, 2018
This is getting expensive fast.
That's pretty much it. The only way to cut that down would be to opt for the basic expansion package or drop the all-access subscription and opt for F2P, which is extremely limited and may not provide the experience you're looking for. Or just play 1 character.
Oct 23, 2018
I stopped the grind for krono for 6 chars last year, now I have 1 sub and 5 FTP chars. I pay with krono I get from loot and bazaar sales. Havent paid for EQ for a long time.
Apr 8, 2020
One option is to play on the Test server.
There all accounts are gold, so no need for a subscription.
You do need to buy the latest expantions, same as live.
Sep 26, 2021
Nezstor is right, the Test server is the best option to avoid the EQ sub cost.

No way to get around the expansion if you want to play beyond F2P.

As for this site, I would never see a discount warranted due to all of the work the dev's and Mods do here. The best option would be to integrate yourself into the community by commenting, posting, and contributing to earn Red Cents to pay for your RG subscription.

Red Cents can you help with your subscription and it's the currency this site uses. Contribute and others will give your red cents and each red cent you give others returns one to you. check it out!

Red Cents

If you go the Test server route the cwtn plugins are also free which is a HUGE bene.
Oct 24, 2020
If it helps, think about it this way. For the average cost of 6 tanks of gas for your car, you will get a year of entertainment. On average, going out to eat also costs over $100 with the family. Truth be told, I feel like that's a pretty good value.

Also, RG is awesome. Lots of value there too. :) 🙏
Oct 26, 2020
I stopped the grind for krono for 6 chars last year, now I have 1 sub and 5 FTP chars. I pay with krono I get from loot and bazaar sales. Havent paid for EQ for a long time.
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Feb 15, 2022
I didn't see anyone mention F2P including CoV content, AA, etc when it releases next month if you follow the previous history. While the level still remains the same at 115 max, you will want to Krono all of them at least once to ensure auto grant all AA's through TBL expansion post CoV release for F2P in June. Currently, the auto grant is 110 through RoS expansion, but when CoV is released, the auto grant will be for TBL as well. Still 110 for level and then you have a grind to max that AA out during that month for all of your toons. 10-14k AA usually. You will be set!!!!

Test server, always gold. Several of us play there. CWTN plugins are also a huge bonus to have. Best automation hands down.

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