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Question - Anniversary Advice Wanted! (1 Viewer)

Mar 5, 2021
Hey guys,

I'm a returning player with a fresh team on a fresh server in my 80's. With the anniversary upon us I really don't want to miss out on any potential quest rewards that are just MUST HAVES. So I'm looking for people's opinion on their favorite anniversary rewards. I did knock out the evac stein and the unity feather already.

I'm also not very well versed in understanding AUGS. On the 14 year anniversary missions they drop a lore group call Power Stones (blue, green, red, white, yellow) each character can hold one. Can you guys help me chose which aug is best for each class. I'm running [SK] [SHM] [BER] [BER] [BST] [BRD]. Then again the same advice for the 15th year augs with their 5 choices (Bloodied, Chipped, Bear, Purethought, Nimble)

There's a bloodmetal inlaid gnolish totem that with some work leveling up gnoll shrouds net's my characters 545 AC in the final form. Is this as big as it sounds?

Lastly, fabled mobs will start up again in a couple weeks, any fun must have toys I should be a on the lookout for?

Thanks everyone for your advice!

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